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Gold Currency KarateBars KB Vision – Economic Solution

Gold Currency KarateBars KB Vision

Gold Currency KarateBars KB Vision are the keys to  providing a real solution to economic uncertainties. I am a founding member of the Monitium Wealth Creation System, which adds new companies to their portfolio of well chosen longterm career home businesses.

Monitium took quite a few months to have their legal staff check out a new company they 2 300x236 Gold Currency KarateBars KB Vision   Economic Solutionjust added which provides a solution to the fiat currency problem.

Gold Currency KarateBars KB Vision can offer you financial freedom. KB Vision is the new company they added which owns their own Gold manufacturing and distribution system and has created a small gold currency called the KarateBar which can be used as currency to purchase anything or also as a savings investment.

This gold is available in denomination weights of 1.0, 2.5 and 5.0 gram bullions.

Gold bullions available for sale are a pure 999.9 – 24 carat fine gold.

Every gold card is heat sealed with the gold bullion framed inside. The cards are professionally designed and each card contains a hologram (on the reverse).

Gold went up 18% this year. The dollar went down 20%.

Gold Currency KarateBars KB Vision

Why small goldbars…

Gold bars – small or large?

Money is a necessity in our everyday life. He who has little money, wants more and he who has more, wants to secure and protect it but how do we achieve this?

The secret to wealthy has always been to acquire gold and precious metals to protect assets and wealth. Gold, in bullion form, has been around for 2600 years. Gold has always been used as a means of payment and a standard of wealth in over 194 countries.

The questions you may have will probably include the following: How do I purchase gold, where do I purchase gold and what do I need to know when exchanging paper currency into gold?

Currency gold bullions in its smallest denomination is the perfect form of protection from volatile economic times and provides an edge against daily expenditures while preserving your ability to purchase much needed items. This is especially true when government currencies are devalued or lose their value completely.

Owning gold bullion is the best insurance available when the unexpected occurs. Currency gold bullions are inflation proof and have always retained their economic value. Insurance companies and governments may go bankrupt, but gold will continue preserving your assets now, and beyond to future generations.

Currency in gold bullions is the best form of financial security when all else is lost. Gold bullions as a substitute metal currency will always retain its value.

KB gold bullions in small kinebar quality ingots are exchangeable for daily goods and services, while larger denomination bullions are not easily divisible. In addition, the quality of KB gold bullions is second to none.

KB provides recognizable certification for each bullion which is readily accepted around the globe. Each bullion is embossed within a signet and takes the shape of a credit card size. A hologram is attached on the reverse side of each kinebar as an added feature to ensure the security and authenticity of gold content of each bullion which is 999.9 pure 24 carat gold.

In the event of water damage or damage from exposure to other natural elements, KB offers all its customers a free, lifetime exchange service for damaged cards. The card is a representation of certification for each bullion and should be preserved in its original form.

The bullions in the smallest units guarantee you:

  • Certified absolute value content, 999,9 pure 24 kt gold.
  • An asset in the event of global economic collapse.
  • An asset comparable to paper currency however, inflation proof.
  • An asset: Each gold bullion is acceptable as currency in 194 countries around the world.
  • An asset to protect yourself in times of crisis.
  • A value of preservation: Gold does not corrode. It preserves it glimmer and beauty for thousands of years.

Try Gold Currency KarateBars KB Vision!!

KB Vision is Free to join

Best Regards
Robert Boyer

Skype Me: gorobertboyer



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